2022 update

We are pleased to announce our Feral Cat and Stray Spay/Neuter Program is ready to go for 2022.

Our check in system will look different, but we are excited to be back to work, serving the cats that need our care and the community that depends on us. 


Please do not trap prior to an appt.  Make an appt here

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Our Mission: To end “cat abandonment” in all of its forms.


Our Methods:  Trap/Neuter/Return Program; Adoption of friendly cats; Early spay/neuter. 


Our Madness: We believe we can reinvent the way people think about cats and reduce cat overpopulation and suffering.



Cats Only Program

All Animal Care Clinic in Hood River is offering a cats only program 55$ for males; $70 for females with coupon (below will open in new window)


Hood River 541-386-5753 allanimalhoodriver.com


  • Foster: If you are knowledgeable about cats, fostering orphaned kittens may be needed until we can transfer them to a shelter. 

  • Care for Kittens:  At 2-3 weeks, kittens must be bottle-fed every few hours. If you are able to foster small kittens.

  • We need our community to partner with us more than ever to help us help cats, since ALL shelters are restricted to not allow intake of community cats.

  • Any free roaming cats in need please help as best you can by continuing to feed and shelter them.

  • Donations - for supplies of cardboard carriers when we reopen are appreciated as we will be required to use cardboard for any transport.

Stray & Feral 

cats Qualify

Spay/Neuter We can Help

To help fight feline overpopulation we offer a donation based spay and neuter clinic for stray and feral cats 


 Contact us for Appt. 

Barn Homes Needed NOW

If you can provide a home for feral kittens and cats please fill out our Barn Home Application ... 

We have healthy, sterilized cats in desperate need of new outdoor homes.  These cats are feral (semi-wild) and need to live at a farm, horse stable, warehouse, plant nursery, or other suitable outdoor location.


Veterinarian care has been given (sterilized, , distemper shot, and exam).  No adoption fee will be assessed but we ask for a donation.  The property owners only responsibility will be to provide daily food/water, protection from the elements, and long-term care.  After a short period of secure confinement, the cats will accept your barn as their new home.


The cats will keep rodents away from grain and food storage areas and buidlings.  If you own or manage property and have permission for long-term placement of animals on the property, please contact us!  

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Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue is a nonprofit volunteer group dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and placing the community’s abandoned, neglected and injured cats and kittens into loving, lifetime homes. We are a group of individuals committed to helping cats in our community.  Our goal is to help with the problem of cat over-population.


We are not a shelter; we are a rescue group that provides spay and neuter services for stray and feral cats in our community. Adoptable cats are placed in foster homes while they await their new home or taken to our Petco adoption partners in Portland. We are 100% privately funded through donations and grants and all of our money is spent on the cats' care. We do pay our vets who offer their services to our clinic.


Because of the number of homeless cats who need our help, we do not intake pets.

Our service area includes Hood River County, northern Wasco County in OR; part of Skamania County, and western Klickitat County in WA.  

More specifically - The Columbia River Gorge Corridor from the west end :  The Bridge of the Gods to the Dalles Bridge at the east end and including:

North Bonneville in Skamania Co; the communities along Hwy. 141 -Trout Lake, Snowden, Klickatat  and Glenwood in Klickitat Co.;  and  Dufur in Wasco Co.

Click the arrow to see our adoptable cats and kittens

Hope for the future

Need Help ?

Our volunteer organization exists to help homeless cats in the Columbia River Gorge.

We are a small group of volunteers, we are not available 24/7. However, we very much want to help.

If you have an emergency Please use our Emergency Link for a quicker response 

The Gorge is a unique area with many small communities and juridictions that politically are not connected.  We have fixed over 6300 cats since 2007 throughout this varied landscape of towns and jurisdictions spanning both sides of the Columbia River.   Our small, dedicated, volunteer forces have made this happen.  


Happy Valentines Day -