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All potential adopters will be asked to fill out an adoption application at the time you meet our adoptable cats and kittens - at the area's Petco shops. The application requires agreement with our following policies:

Adoption Policies

♥ Declawing - We ask adopters not to declaw cats adopted from us. We educate adopters to the detriment of declawing, and discuss humane alternatives to declawing. When an adopter is interested in having only a declawed pet, we direct him/her to cats who have already undergone the procedure.

♥ Indoor/Outdoor - Since cats live much longer, safer lives indoors, we prefer to adopt to indoor homes. However, we realize that there are also good indoor-outdoor homes and we are willing to discuss this as an option.

♥ Spay Neuter - We do not adopt out any cat or kitten until they are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested for FeLV.

♥Renting with Cats - We require written permission or a contact number to make sure your landlord allows cats, and if required, pay the pet deposit in advance of adopting.

♥ Adopters must be at least 18 years of age.

♥ Cats as gifts - Cats will not be adopted to a second party, or as a gift. The care of a pet is a lifelong commitment and a very personal choice. We have a gift certificate we can make available which allows the person to come and pick out his or her own cat as a gift from the giver.

♥ Kittens - Kittens must be 8-10 weeks old before they are available for adoption. This ensures that kittens receive a strong, healthy start in life and minimizes behavior problems because they are fully weaned and litter-box trained. We don't allow kittens to be adopted as singles into households where they will be left alone during the day with no other animal company in the home. The reasoning is that, in many cases solo kittens left with no company and interaction become destructive, doing things such as scratching furnishings or urinating outside their litter box. Also, we generally don’t mix kittens from other litters because it creates health issues for them. Kittens under 6 months of age will remain inside for at least 6 months.

♥ CGCR has a small number of FIV+ cats available for adoption. These cats can live relatively long and healthy lives in an indoor, stress-free environment. (FIV is contagious only between cats and rarely occurs only with deep bite wounds. Humans, dogs, and other pets cannot contract the disease.)

♥ We do not ship cats or kittens.

Friendly cats will not be adopted for the sole purpose of hunting and/or mousing. Please fill out our barn home request, in that case.

Cats will not be released for research of any kind.

Cats and kittens must go home in a carrier.

To the best of our knowledge, only healthy cats and kittens are placed for adoption. Any health or treatment history will be disclosed.


Please note that CGCR cannot guarantee the future health or temperament of the animal you adopt and is not legally responsible for any problems or expenses incurred because of health, temperament or behavior issues that occur with the cat/kitten once he/she is in your home.


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